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Do you have Food Intolerance?

Welcome to Nutrition Element

It is becoming more & more apparent how significant nutrition is in our lives and how much of an impact it has on our overall wellbeing. Your Food Intolerance Test is used as a tool to pinpoint certain foods that may be causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

Food Intolerance is escalating due to lifestyle habits and is the name for reactions noted usually a few hours or days after consuming a food. Because of this it is hard to determine the offending foods.

Food Intolerance symptoms can cause stress and imbalance in the body, causing vitamin & mineral deficiencies, which go hand in hand with food intolerance.

Intolerance symptoms can be anything from bloating, wind, indigestion to anxiety, headaches, fatigue & depression. (To name a few!)

What our clients say...

  • I am pleased to record that after the first week, the bloating stopped & I lost 6lbs. The second week no bloating and a further 1lb lost. I feel happier, healthier and wear clothes I havn’t been able to wear comfortably for a while. Some friends also commented my skin looks better too!

    Carol Hawkins
  • I was so impressed by Rachael’s professionalism, the cost, the venue, her knowledge is second to none. Everything she said made sense & is perfect for my lifestyle going forward. I would highly recommend her & will be doing so to my friends & family. Make an appointment today

    Clare Neilson

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