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My Story

I have spent most of my life on quick-fix diets, cleanses and eating food I didn’t like. I learned the hard way that changing my eating habits in accordance with my own food intolerances was the only way to relieve my symptoms & sustain weight loss in the long run.

Rachael Gray

I hold a Level 3 Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (Distinction), Food Intolerance Testing, Vitamin & Mineral Analysis and Clinical Practice (2014) I also gained a Level 5 Nutritional Therapist Diploma in 2019 & will continue to research and study Nutrition throughout my life.

What our clients say...

  • I am pleased to record that after the first week, the bloating stopped & I lost 6lbs. The second week no bloating and a further 1lb lost. I feel happier, healthier and wear clothes I havn’t been able to wear comfortably for a while. Some friends also commented my skin looks better too!

    Carol Hawkins
  • I was so impressed by Rachael’s professionalism, the cost, the venue, her knowledge is second to none. Everything she said made sense & is perfect for my lifestyle going forward. I would highly recommend her & will be doing so to my friends & family. Make an appointment today

    Clare Neilson

My personal experience with food intolerances started around 10 years ago. I found it hard to lose weight, I suffered digestive issues and bouts of acne. I was given tablets and creams from the doctor which helped with the symptoms but me being me I wanted answers as to WHY I was suffering with these issues, not just a quick fix for the symptoms. I decided to go down the holistic (alternative) route and while I was in Spain visiting family I decided to have a Food Intolerance Test.

The results were: Highly intolerant to yeast & yeast products. (Bakers yeast, bread, pizza, muffins, mushrooms, MSG, mayonnaise, ketchup, cheeses, alcohol, vinegar, pickled foods, B vitamins (derived from yeast)


Just about all of these yeast products I had been consuming on a daily basis. I loved cheese, mushrooms, bread, smoked & pickled foods. I was taking a B vitamin supplement which was derived from yeast. (And I did enjoy wine!!) which is highly fermented.

From then on I embarked on the Elimination Diet – no foods on the intolerance list for 4 weeks. The elimination was tough, but I was determined to get back to a better state of health!

After the elimination I was feeling better than I had in years – the digestive issues resolved, brighter looking skin & no tablets or creams from the doctor. I then re-introduced the foods & noted the symptoms….

Just as I had been advised – the intolerances were clear as the bad skin, the bloating and indigestion returned!! At this point it was now clear the foods that hindered my digestion and caused my symptoms.

Over the next 6 months I lost over 20lbs by eating food that didn’t trigger these reactions & with regular excercise.

I was so intrigued with the concept of Food Intolerance that I decided to use my spare time to study Diet & Nutrition. I passed my level 3 with a distinction in February 2014.

I then decided this was the profession for me as I wanted to help others get back to a healthy state & enjoyed the thought of advising people on Nutrition.

I gained my Diploma in Food Intolerance testing and Vitamin & Mineral therapy in April 2014, I am currently studying Level 5 Nutritional Therapy & will continue to research & study Nutrition throughout my life.

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