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Top 10 Healthy Snacks

My favourite healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay, promote digestion, keep skin clear & give you energy for a busy lifestyle!


Banana's help relieve headaches, depression & menstrual cramps. Banana's are also high in electrolytes such as potassium - making them a great after gym treat!


Cashew nuts are an excellent snack as they contain flavanols which fight against tumour cells & are the least high in fat in comparison with other nuts.


Ryvita with hummus is a favorite of mine as it is so quick but tasty. High in fibre. Add cucumber to promote digestion!


There is just something that excites me about getting my fortnightly snack box delivery from Graze. Healthy treats & snacks such as nuts, healthy sticky toffee pudding & seed mixes. - www.graze.com


Watermelon is refreshing & high in the phytonutrient Lycopene - which has anti cancer properties!


Bounce Protein Balls - (A defence booster) Superfood spirulina & ginseng protein ball. Find in your local health shops. Ginseng is known to promote physical and mental activity.


Satsuma segments in dark chocolate - Everyone needs a treat once in a while! Satsumas are high in Vitamin C, whilst dark chocolate contains antioxidants.


Kiwi's are higher in vitamin C per gram than oranges!! Kiwis also contain phytonutrients known to protect our DNA! An excellent anti-oxidant!!


Maximum Vibrance - I love a Maximum Vibrance protein shake as a snack after the gym or in between meals. This organic plant protein contains 25billion probiotics & is gluten, soy & dairy free! Available from www.optimalyou.co.uk


Pumpkin seeds are great for on the go!! High in Zinc and Phosphorus & also hold anti-microbial benefits including anti-fungal & anti-viral properties.