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A balanced diet consisting of variety is the diet I believe to be THE BEST!!

Food Intolerance is often due to overload of certain food types.

Nutrition For Children

I am passionate about helping parents & children with Nutrition & have completed a Nutrition For Children course to enable me to safely advise on dietary changes for babies & children.
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Anaphylaxis Awareness

As I work with a lot of clients with severe allergies I have completed an Anaphylaxis Training course to ensure I am trained to administer an Epi-pen if and when required.
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Top 10 Healthy Snacks

My favourite healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay, promote digestion, keep skin clear & give you energy for a busy lifestyle!
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A few tips about Optimum Nutrition

Eat Little & Often (How many times have you heard this saying!) Even if it be a handful of nuts or a banana – keep your metabolism revved up with regular meals & snacks! SPICE it up! Use spices & herbs to flavour foods – Chilli is a great metabolism booster & Tumeric is great...
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